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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked questions by our patrons. Please contact us if you have additional questions about Special Events, Wine Tours, and Transportation.

Wine Tours

Are children allowed on the trolley?

Yes, Brewen's Infinity Experiences and all of Temecula Wine Country is family oriented. Children are welcome to ride on the trolley and enjoy the scenic vineyards.

How much wine do we get?

If you drink every single wine served you, you will have enjoyed over a bottle of wine.

Dumping wine is not only acceptable but expected.

Guests are encouraged to eat a meal prior to and during their wine tour and to stay hydrated by consuming water on the trolley and in the winery.

Guests will not be allowed in winery if acting in a manner which would detract from the enjoyment of all.

Are we allowed to bring other food & drinks on board?

Food and snacks are always welcome on board.

You may bring other beverages on board with the exception of hard spirits. Guests choosing to enjoy other beverages may enjoy the Transport & Lunch option in lieu of wine tasting. Due to legalities, all off-premise food & beverages remain on the trolley.


Can we end the tour somewhere other than where we started?

Absolutely. Guests are welcome to remain at any of the scheduled wineries upon the trolley's departure. For your convenience, information on a local friendly taxi service can be obtained from your driver. Alternatively, you are welcome to be dropped off at any of the scheduled pick-up locations.

Temecula Wine Country Responsible Partner Program


Brewen's Infinity Experiences has partnered and supports the Temecula Wine Country Responsible Partner Program.

General Information
Did you Know?

Brewen’s Infinity Experiences staff sets them apart by allowing you to cancel or reschedule your reservation with a minimum notice of 3 business days. Due to the pre-tour preparations, such as lunch orders and making winery appointments, a $25 service fee will apply. And due to the former, although cancellations with less notice will not receive a refund, Brewen’s Infinity Experiences will offer you the same discount on a future tour.

Run out of time?

Brewen's Infinity Experiences understands that sometimes time flies, and before you know it, that great certificate you purchased has expired. Once your certificate is validated, Brewen’s Empire Trolley will offer you the same great discount on a future tour when purchased direct through our company. Cheers!